Small Groups

We serve a God who as the Trinity is in community in and of Himself. We also see that when Jesus came to earth he surrounded Himself with others to build friendships, relationships, and do life together.

At Legacy we believe strongly in doing life with others. Thats why Small Groups are the heart and soul of our mission at Legacy.
Each Small Group meets around town for around an hour and a half different days of the week. Childcare is decided on a group by group basis. 

Below is a list of our Small Group gatherings. Be sure to contact one of our Small Group leaders for more information.

We cant wait to see you in group this week!

Harlem 1 | Wednesdays, 6:30pm | Hammond Home (Harlem Grovetown Rd) | Andrew McMahon | 706-339-5522

Harlem 2 | Wednesdays, 6:30pm | Red Oak Manor (Downtown Harlem) | Steven Adams | 706-871-8250

Grovetown | Thursdays, 6:30pm | Adams’ Home (Canterbury Farms, Chamblin Rd | Steven Adams | 706-871-8250